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When people ask me if I went to film school, I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’Quentin Tarantino

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What is this site?

After years of procrastination, attending the 2022 British Film Institute London Film Festival catalyzed the creation of this website. I felt so inspired by the fantastic films and wonderful people in the industry (check out a few of my articles and photo gallery to see who!), that I needed to share my thoughts and stories.

The title, The Revenge of Cinema, stems from my constant support, and the battle, of arguing the cinema is the best way to experience a film (many, many tiers above any sort of streaming).

This site will function as a consistently updated blog, review site, and forum for film information. As an added bonus, this site is also a connection to my profile on the social film discovery platform, Letterboxd.

About the Blog

This is a site to show that going to the cinema is not a lost art. It is an experience. Unmatched by the efforts of streaming and at-home video.


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